I specialize in working with individuals struggling with interpersonal relationships, life transitions, family and parenting issues. I also work with clients suffering from depression, anxiety, addiction and eating disorders.

I work with individuals of all ages, students, and diasporic clients of all backgrounds. 

I am a psychotherapist and a coach.


I think of a psychotherapist as a person who has your best interests at heart. She is someone who will give you a chance to stop and listen to yourself. She has the knowledge, skills, and tools to assist you on your life's journey and help relieve you of your emotional burden. Psychotherapy can be short or long term and can guide you towards a more fulfilling life. 


Even when you feel you understand your issues and problems, solutions are often hard to find. There are no quick fixes; coaching cannot be “one-size fits-all.” The path to a solution or a better place in life requires care, patience, and sustained effort. A coach is someone who will help you achieve a specific objective, and guide you through the steps to the goal you have in mind.

virtual and in-person meetings

You and I will work together to get you to a better place.  Together we will understand the causes of your distress and unhappiness and will find the tools to help you find contentment, joy and peace of mind in your life. 

my approach

I am a psychotherapist and a life coach.  I am qualified to work with individuals of all ages.  In my psychotherapy practice, I utilize psychodynamic, relational techniques as well as spiritual principles.  However, I strongly believe that the psychotherapy process cannot be 'one measure fits all'.  Therefore, I will work with you and your family, should the latter be part of your process, to find the most suitable approach to our work.   I  also believe that if we are to make a lasting positive change in our lives, the causes of our emotional pain and the sources of our difficulties in living need to be uncovered and addressed—addressing symptoms alone will not lead to a lasting relief. 

While you and I will consider your life's history and its impact on your daily living, we will work in the 'here and now': we will focus on your relationships and personal interactions in order to uncover and work through the patterns in your daily life that have been causing you unhappiness and suffering.

In my coaching practice, I am more directive and our work will be focused and oriented towards a specific goal, such as overcoming a habit that has been bothering you.  At times, the issues you are struggling with require immediate attention.  I base my coaching techniques on Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, which is an evidence-based approach to mental health that will give you tangible progress.