These pains you feel are messengers.
Listen to them.


my approach

I do not believe in one-size-fits-all psychotherapy. I work within several psychotherapeutic modalities that I adapt depending on my client’s frame of reference, needs, and character. I am trained in psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapy techniques, rational emotive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, play therapy, dyadic developmental psychotherapy, and spirituality. I realize this is a lot of jargon, so I will simply say that I will work with you to understand the causes of the symptoms you may be experiencing and formulate the best approach to dealing with them.

I am highly trained and credentialed, and I will work with your needs, beliefs, and values in mind. Your treatment is about you and what best suits you. Of course, I will use my experience to help you, but I do not believe my values are superior to yours. I will learn from you and work with you.

my clients

Some of my clients come to me because they are lost and need guidance on how to have a fulfilling life. Others are struggling with a specific issue: relentless free-floating anxiety, a behavior that is disrupting their life, an unfulfilling relationship, or struggles at work or in their social lives.  Some of my clients are parents overwhelmed by their children's struggles and who find parenting in today’s world a daunting proposition. Such parents may be looking for behavior management tools or ways to make their parenting experience more enjoyable and successful.

I work from the belief that each of us is doing his/her utmost to be the best human being he/she can. We all want to live in peace and feel safe. We want to wake up each morning looking forward to what comes next. My goal is to help you reach this state of mind.